So what's the story...? Find out more about Jens Design Sthlm!

Jens Reiterer, a graphic designer and photographer in Sweden

It all started when I was a kid. My father was an architect and brought home lots of big sized drawing paper to satisfy my desire to create my first graphic designs. To later study Graphic Arts Technology was kind of predetermined. After working in several advertising agencies my interest in photography evolved and when I founded Jens Design Sthlm in 2013 my offerings included both graphic design and photography.


Fact 1

I was born in Stockholm, but grew up in Salzburg, Austria with a Swedish mum and an Austrian dad. So i am bilingual (swedish and german). I moved back to Sweden to study and stayed for good.


Fact 2

I studied Graphic Arts Technology at Dalarna University and Photography & Visual Communication at Jönköping University.


Fact 3

I have gained lots of valuable experience from working as graphic designer at several advertising agencies in Stockholm and internships in Madrid, Salzburg and Vienna.


Fact 4

As with graphic design and photography, I enjoy the simpler things in life - being out and about with friends and family, good food and beautiful views.

Since 2013 I have been hired by a growing number of clients such as

advertising agencies, PR-agencies, marketing departments and other companies.

Bra bilder det blev, fått massa positiv feedback! Kul, utan att vara fixat till sig så löste du det med bra ljus och kamera + konstnärlig känsla.
— Swedish customer
Wow, vad grym du är!
— Swedish customer
Thanks for the video earlier, everyone loved it!
— customer in England
"Die Fotos sind einfach nur Klasse! Wir haben diese Momente noch nie so natürlich und lebendig festhalten können."
— Customer in Germany
Wow, vad fint det blir!
Det här känns verkligen roligt att jobba vidare med...
— Swedish customer
Ich war sehr zufrieden und habe Sie intern für mögliche zukünftige Videoproduktionen als Alternative zu unserer bisherigen Agentur ins Spiel gebracht.
— Customer in Germany
Wow, these are fab! Thanks so much, Jens.
— American customer
WOW!! You really created an inspiring environment. And the bar has been set for all other offices 😊
Thanks for the update and take care!
— Forwarded from a Customer
Tack Jens :) Wow vilka fantastiskt fina kort! Jag vill ha dig till min nästa fest!!!🍾🍾🙌
— Swedish customer
Wow, Jens. Tror bestämt du är nedstigen någonstans ovanifrån!
— Swedish customer