Graphic Design

creative work

As a graphic designer I create visual artwork for internal and external marketing needs: Annual reports, magazines, company presentations, invitations, ads, powerpoint presentations, logotypes and much more.

Motion media

My skills as graphic designer and photographer also include videography. I have created a variety of motion media such as intros and videos for kick-offs, promotional videos, educational videos, interviews, seminars and explainer videos.

Beyond filming and cutting I am often involved in the creative process early on in the planning and production.

A promotional video created by Jens Design Sthlm.

Live-action Explainer Video

Here is an example of a live-action explainer video that I created to describe different conditions of Apple devices.

A Live-Action Explainer Video created by Jens Design Sthlm.

Animated explainer video

Sometimes I also create motion graphic videos – like this animated explainer video that describes different conditions of devices without showing any particular brand.

Motion Graphics created by Jens Design Sthlm